What is Web Site Hosting?

Basically web hosting is like renting a storefront from a shopping mall except you don’t rent a bricks and mortar storefront, you are renting space on a computer for creating a "Virtual Storefront".

Can I host my Web Site myself?

You could, but, there are a few requirements. To get your business on the Internet you will either: Buy a server, get a firewall, get a T1 line, buy and learn all the various server software required, and monitor the server to ensure that it is always up and running (24hours/day).

Then you will need to learn HTML, graphic design, Meta Tags, keep up with Internet technology and the basics of Internet Marketing to make sure that your web site gets SEEN by your TARGET markets or pay a low monthly fee to have someone else take care of all that for you while keeping you informed of its progress. To keep things simple we have three web hosting plans to choose from. The most popular is plan 2 but each plan can be UPGRADED as your site grows.

All of our hosting plans come with 99.9% uptime and a 30 day money back guarantee. Our control panel has over thrity scripts that can be installed with a click of the mouse such as forums, phpnuke, and much more!

Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 3

750mb disk space
1,500mb bandwidth
5 email accounts
Unlimited Domains
$19.95 per month

disk space
5,000mb bandwidth
15 email accounts
Unlimited Domains
$24.95 per month

disk space
10,000mb bandwidth
25 email accounts
Unlimited Domains
$49.95 per month



We are dedicated to providing reliable web hosting solutions of the highest quality. All of our plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Our focus is on reliability, uptime, and customer support. The servers we utilize are Dual Xeon 2.4ghz with 2 gigs of ram. Our network backbone consists of UUNET, Level3, Verio, Time Warner, Global Crossing, AboveNet, and Allegiance Telecom.


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